Android App Development

The number of Android users is growing fast globally and the need for professional Android apps grows with it. If mobile technology is important to your business, you need a partner with experience in professional Android app development.

Our Portfolio

Our current Android development portfolio consists out of Chatster app.

Chatster is a free, fast and secure Android chat app.

Once you have registered, you can chat with your existing contacts if they are also using Chatster. Also, you can create group chats so you and all of your friends and family can stay up-to-date with what is going on in your life.

You can read more about the Chatster here.

Our Blog

If you want learn about Android development, you can read our Blog here.

Our Android App Development Services:

  • We can develop your new Android project from scratch
  • We can extend your existing Android project with new functionality
  • We can fix any bugs within your existing Android project

Our Workflow:

  • Requirements inventorization (if necessary, we can sign NDA)
  • Project estimation
  • Agreement
  • Project Development
  • Project Delivery
  • If needed, project maintenance